Sunday, April 13, 2008

unidentified moving image

More then a year ago I posted this short movie. But then the link went dead and I deleted the post. Recently I got a mail with the question were that Japanese girl with the pavement experience went. I suppose the mail was talking about this movie. (I just found it back cleaning up drive space) It reminds me a lot of the writings of Haruki Murakami.
If anybody should know who can be credited, please let me know.

To see the moving images you have to click here.


mick said...

thanx for sharing... again. This site is a true inspiration.

daniel said...

i can tell you this much: that's brooklyn, USA.

Dekku said...

Author: Pete McCoubrey.

"I made it a while back and it was sort of a short/spec, it was never clearly defined as anything. I woke up on a saturday and asked my girlfriend at the time (featured girl) Juyeon (June) Lee if she would be in it. I conceived, shot, edited, and color corrected it all in one day and my friend Laura Hanna did the sound design."

nozap said...

thx. DeK.