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Which lenses to buy? :: Philip Bloom

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A Girl Story

Q: How does A Girl Story work?
A: Tarla's story will progress only by audience donations unlocking new chapters. Just like Tarla, each girl at Project Nanhi Kali depends on donors to progress, stay in school, and complete her education.
Q: Who is Tarla?
A: Tarla is a fictional girl who represents the plight and struggles of tens of thousands of underprivileged girls in India. Many will never get an education; instead they'll likely experience gender discrimination and forced labor, with some girls also facing early marriage, and in certain areas even slavery or terrorism.
Q: What nonprofit does A Girl Story support?
A: All donations go directly to Mahindra Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the US which supports Project Nanhi Kali. For more information on Mahindra Foundation / Nanhi Kali please visit
Q: How will my donation be used?
A: Your donation may be applied to a variety of important costs supporting the Nanhi Kali's education which include not only extra study classes but also comprehensive material support including school uniforms, shoes, socks, school bags, stationery, books, extra-curricular activities & administrative costs.

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Disruptive by design

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More Shoes :: Lee Kazimir

a crazy documentary (in 2 parts) about a journey on foot from Madrid to Kiev.
A few years ago I was creatively adrift, looking to do something in film but unhappy with what I'd tried so far.
Then I happened upon Werner Herzog's comment that aspiring filmmakers shouldn't bother going to film school. Instead, he said, they should make a journey alone, on foot, for five thousand kilometers, "let's say from Madrid to Kiev". This journey, he claimed, would teach one the essential nature of cinema.
I decided to take Herzog's words literally and walk from Madrid to Kiev. MORE SHOES is the resultant filmed record of that journey. It's the story of who I met, what I saw, and how the whole experience changed me.
The film premiered at Slamdance 2008 and went on to play 25 festivals worldwide, winning "Best Documentary" honors at three of them.

To see part 1 you have to click here.
To see part 2 you have to click here.

Paper Dreams by Kenneth Onulak

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Setting my week on fire

Dancing Pigeons :: Ritalin by Tomas Mankovsky :: here.

Burn Ignite :: Ride :: feat Steve Berra :: here.

A Russian Blair witch :: for real :: here.

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In may 2007 I posted 3 indents for our erotic channel x-passion. More then 50% of my visitors rate is coming directly (and only) for this post. So maybe they will come twice now. Here are the follow ups guys. Enjoy.

the soft version here.
the topless version here.
the full nude version here.

credits go to roughcut.

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