Saturday, April 05, 2008

I will be away for a while

view from the backseat in the cab. Everything looks right.

View from my hotelroom. Hope to come back some day.

No moving images (this time)


DeK said...

> No moving images (this time)

You could have moved the camera while shooting... :P

nozap said...


daniel said...

i find both those images fairly moving, actually.

Razorbuzz said...

Ey! Is this the Arts Hotel in BCN? Let's take a beer together! Send me a mail! ;-) Regards.

nozap said...

@ razorbuzz. To late. I will take my plane to bxl in 3 hours.
how did you like the Opium Cinema :-)
lets meet next year in amsterdam???? just a guess
ps 2 silver, 1 gold you?