Friday, April 04, 2008

R.I.P. - Respected Inspirational Person

I just read on CReview that Mr. Paul Arden passed away a couple of days ago. It is partly thanks to Mr Arden that I am still working in the creative sector. He convinced me that I am not that crazy as most people in my surroundings think that I am. He showed a lot of people how they could be creative and he did this with a flair. I, - and I am convinced al lot of others too - will miss his ideas, his wit, and mostly his out of the box thinking. Rest In Peace Mister Arden.

Last year I gave a speech (together with Steve B.) at the Promax conferences in Berlin, NY, Bombay, and Africa. "The Blue Tit Syndrome; or how to steal and get away with it." This speech was largely inspired by Mr. Ardens work.

Watch it, if you enjoy it it will take you 40 minutes.

To see the moving images you have to click here.

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