Friday, May 04, 2007

Observations about visionary works.

At the recent Promax/BDA conference in Berlin I saw a very inspiring speech by Mr. Danny Yount.
He was wondering what it takes to design something really great.
He was wondering what makes a project unique. And most of all...
He was questioning which special gifts you needed as a director/designer to accomplish such thing.

His answers where very simple.
- Exploit the obvious.
- Deliver great moments at the right moment.
- practice intelligent execution.
and most of all...
- Be obsessive about detail.

Mr. Yount works in graphic design and film and has won awards in most major award shows for everything from online media to feature main titles. He has won two Emmy's and one nomination for his work in television, where he created the title sequence for HBO's Six feed Under as a director at Digital Kitchen and has recently been recognized for creating the feature main title for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang as a director at Kyle Cooper's Prologue Films in Malibu CA. In addition he has served clients for HBO, TNT, SciFi, Lifetime, Colombia Pictures, Silver Pictures, warner Bros, Mandate Pictures, CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox.

To see the moving image you have to click here.

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