Friday, September 28, 2012

J.Viewz :: About the Sea :: Clement Picon

j.viewz, a.k.a. Brooklyn based songwriter and producer Jonathan Dagan, has released the music video for "about the sea." The song is the closing track on his innovative album and fan funded release rivers and homes., a 2012 Grammy nominee for "Best Album Art." Created by renowned director Clement Picon, known for his work on Radiohead's music video for the song "Reckoner," the video for "about the sea" and the song itself came together in a surprising sequence, a circular path of inspiration shared between director and songwriter. The music video was originally composed by Picon for the song "come back down," the first song written for rivers and homes. But by the time it was finished, Dagan was in the process of completing the record, and instead of keeping the video for the song it was originally intended for, he ended up drawing inspiration from the Picon visuals while he wrote "about the sea," the final song on the album.

To see the moving images you have to click here.

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